About CHC

Laying the Groundwork for a New Business Framework and International Opportunities

Continental Holdings Corp. (CHC) announced its public listing on the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TSE 3703) on April 8, 2010, becoming the holding company of Continental Holdings, with 100% ownership of CHC subsidiary Continental Engineering Corporation (CEC) shares via a one-to-one share swap. CHC by way of this restructuring is responding to changing market conditions and new opportunities in four major business areas – Civil Construction, Building Construction, Real Estate Development, and Environmental Project Development.

This new structure also lays the groundwork for the further growth and development of CEC, Continental Development Corp., as well as Hsin Dar Environment Corp., by allowing each entity to play to its individual strengths in engineering, real estate development, and environment project management. Moreover, with respect to holdings in Taiwan where the infrastructure environment is mature yet the real estate development market and environmental engineering market continue to grow and diversify, CHC will integrate and conduct oversight into these business operations and the performance of its member companies in various business units and markets.

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